Airline Crew Tax Refund

If you work in the airline industry, you could be eligible to claim a tax rebate of up to £1200!

We have helped 1000’s of flight attendants, pilots, flight deck crew and airport staff from all major airlines claim an average tax rebate of over £500!

Flat rate allowance for Cabin Crew

If you work for an airline and your employer doesn’t contribute towards the cost of cleaning your uniform, you are eligible to claim a tax rebate from HMRC. All uniformed employees are entitled to tax relief for uniform cleaning, but the allowances for cabin crew are some of the most generous available! 

Uniform Cleaning Allowance

Cabin crew can generally claim flat rate tax relief of £720 for the most recent tax year. Prior to this it was £420 per year. This allowance is designed to give you tax relief on the cost of cleaning and maintaining you uniform. As this is a fixed allowance for cabin crew, HMRC have confirmed you don’t need to provide any receipts or proof of actual expenditure incurred in order to claim.  

Visas & Vaccinations

If you have had to pay for any visas or vaccinations out of your own pocket, we will help you claim tax relief on these expenses. HMRC will usually allow you to claim up to 20% of such expenses providing your employer has not already reimbursed you.

How to claim your cabin crew tax rebate

Calculate your rebate estimate
Use our simple tax rebate calculator to see if you are eligible for a tax rebate
Fill in the online application form
All we need is your work history and some personal details
Print, sign and post your form to us
This allows us to act on your behalf with HMRC - all you need to do is sign it!
Wait for your refund!
We will post a cheque out to you as soon as your claim is approved!
Start your claim!

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