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Can Tesco workers claim back tax for their uniforms?

There are many benefits to wearing a uniform at work. One, you feel like you’re part of a team; two, it can help make sure you’re always as presentable as possible; and three, you don’t have to wear out your own clothes while you’re working.

The issue is that keeping a uniform clean and tidy doesn’t just happen by itself – it takes time, effort, and money.

To that end, did you know there is a uniform tax refund for Tesco workers that you can claim?

Getting some money back

It may feel like a thankless task to keep washing your uniform at home, but your uniform laundry could net you a refund from HMRC. If you’re employed by any of the big supermarket chains in the UK, such as Tesco, you’ll almost certainly have to wear a uniform.

The cost of keeping it clean doesn’t have to fall completely on your shoulders – you could get a tax refund to help recoup some costs.

It doesn’t matter whether Tesco employs you on the checkout, on the butchers counter, at the fish counter, in the baker, or at the pharmacy; you will have to wear a uniform to show you are a part of the team.

Similarly, if you are a delivery driver or you work in the warehouse, you will also be provided with a uniform that it’s your responsibility to keep clean and replace in the event of damage.

A “uniform” is defined by HMRC as any clothing item that you could not be expected to reasonably wear on the street when you’re not working. So, that means any piece of clothing that has a logo of your workplace sewn on it, hi-vis jackets, or safety shoes. There is a set uniform allowance the HRMC has established to recompense employees for the time and effort they spend cleaning their uniforms.

How much can I claim?

The basic allowance for uniform expenses and maintenance is £60. Your tax refund will be the tax you would have otherwise paid on earning that £60. So, as a basic-rate taxpayer, your rebate would be 20%, which would be £12. A higher-rate taxpayer will get a refund of £24. Certain industries will get a higher allowance, such as firefighters, healthcare assistants, pilots, and mechanics.

How can you claim?

The first step is to check your eligibility using our quick Tax Rebate Calculator. Applying online is simple and quick.

You’re also allowed to backdate your claim by as much as four years if you have been wearing your uniform as a part of your job on an ongoing basis. Even if you have only worn your uniform briefly, you can still claim for that year.

Don’t miss out on money you could be owed by starting your claim today.